Olango Island on Bike

The first time I visited Olango Island was on my first solo travel. I brought along my motorcycle but did not tour around the island.

I wanted to go back to the island mainly because of seafoods. Aside from the Wildlife Sanctuary located in San Vicente, the island is also famous of its “saang”, spider conch. I also wanted to visit the boardwalk in Tungasan which you see on one of the tourism banners along the road going to Mactan airport.

I invited Hans, an officemate, to come with me and rented bikes in Candagsao. Bike rental ranges from P10 – P20 per hour.

We arrived in the island at noon time so we decided to take our lunch before we went to the Wildlife Sanctuary. Luckily, the owner of the bikes also sells “saang”. Each costs P7.00, P8.00 if cooked. A much cheaper price than resorts which are sold at P15.00 each. You can also gaurantee that what you get are fresh. In fact, you could catch them by yourself out in the sea, just ask the vendor to come with him.

I once saw a documentation on TV about the exporting of dried starfish from the island. I asked one local there and he gladly showed us the pile of dried starfish ready to be shipped out. He said that the trade is still on going.

After our little tour in Candagsao, we pedaled our way to San Vicente and a side trip to Tungasan boardwalk. We biked around the island for 3.5 hours before we went back to the city.

Saang > Lechon. Saang is Life. :D
Saang > Lechon. Saang is Life. 😀
Inun-unan: 3 pcs for P5.00. o.O
Inun-unan: 3 pcs for P5.00. #inunUnanPaDai o.O
Pile of dried starfish :(
Pile of dried starfish 🙁
Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Biking along Maribagni
Biking along Maribagni
Tungasan Boardwalk
Tungasan Boardwalk
Blogger pose attempt. :P
Blogger pose attempt. #blagiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr 😛

Below is a short video of our quick getaway. Enjoy!

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