The BLOG. The content of this blog is definitely not a travel guide to help people find and how to get to their next destination. The sole purpose is to document and share every travel adventure experienced by the owner through photos and would somehow, encourage the viewer to start their own adventure.

The BLOGGER. I am J-Boy Cagumbay. A proud Boholano (Bol-anon). I worked as a full stack web developer at Batmaid. Currently living in Warsaw.


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  1. Kevin says:


    Nindot kayo homie

    peace out

  2. Jik says:

    Noice kaayo Dboy! (y)

    • ahaha… salamat kaau Dik. :3 tsamba ra ni. hahaha

  3. chypacs says:

    Byuha oi….hehe…nice one boy!!! palakpakan 🙂

    • ahahaha… ayaw chy bi, ma-ulaw ta. hahahaha… bitaw, salamat2. :3 paghimo na og chypacs.net diha. hahaha…

  4. Brando Bandido says:

    Cool Jebz…

    “When the traveler goes alone he gets acquainted with himself.”
    – Liberty Hyde Bailey

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