Whale Shark Encounter: Tan-awan, Oslob

Call time was 6:00 am in the morning. I am not a morning person but I had to wake up so that we can book for the first batch. After paying for the P500.00 registration fee, we were brought to the briefing area for the do’s and don’t’s when swimming with the whale sharks.

Each batch was only given 30 minutes to take pictures and swim with them to accommodate other tourists. It may not sound a win-win bargain but when we were swimming with them, it seems like 30 minutes is too long. Well, it maybe due to fatigue caused by swimming and dive after dive to get a better shot with them.

Whale watching is managed by the local government of Oslob. According to them, the whale sharks are prone to stress so they only allowed tourists to visit up to 12:30 pm per day.

Oslob's whale sharks
Oslob’s whale sharks
"Nice try" shot
“Nice try” shot
The whale shark and it's caretaker.
The whale shark and it’s caretaker.
Swimming with the whale shark
Swimming with the whale shark
Look at that mouth. o.O
Look at that mouth. o.O

Check out the video below as Me, Aika and Kakai were swimming with the big-wide-sucking-mouth Butanding.

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