Olango Island: My First Solo Trip

It’s been months for me to finally decide to go on a solo trip and I chose Olango Island. It’s not just because I’ve never been there but also it’s just a 15 minute boat ride from Mactan Island.

I was supposed to join a group of volunteers conducting a feeding program to be held at Brgy. Talima but was not able to wake up early. The assembly time was 6:30 am but I woke up at 8:00 am.

I was thinking to go there maybe next time because it’s already late, especially that my original plan when I get there is to rent a bicycle to tour the island. I’ve read from various blogs that you need to get there early so that you can visit all the beautiful spots of the island and can go back to the city before evening.

A friend of mine told me that I can bring my motorcycle to the island but was hesitant due to the size of the boat going there and looking at how they carry the bike to the boat, you can really think twice. But I thought, if not now then when? So I took the risk and packed my stuffs. I’m going.

I arrived at Sta. Rosa Port just before lunch. I immediately ride my bike headed to Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary hoping to see some migratory birds, which the island is famous of. Unlucky for me, it was high tide and I was told to come back at around 4:00 pm. I was able to talk with the caretakers of the sanctuary and they clarified that the peak season is from September to April, unlike what other bloggers wrote on their blogs. I also knew that they accept campers on the perimeter with only P70.00 per night. They also provide tent for rent for only P250.00 which is good for up to 4 people. They also serve catering services for a minimum of 6 people for only P350.00 per head if you are not planning to bring your own foods during your visit. For inquiries, please text or call, 0939457221 and look for Sir Walter.

I went back to the sanctuary at 4:00 pm before going back home and spent my whole afternoon in the peaceful Olango Paradise resort.

The simplicity of the lifestyle in the island is amazing to think that it is just 15 minute away from the city. The people are smiling and approachable that make you feel at home.

(Top-left) Going for her first boat ride. (Top-right) This cargo is quite scary. o.O (Bottom-left) Blue ocean. Clear sky. Just the way I wanted. (Bottom-right) And we arrived safe. 🙂
Adlawan Island, near Sta. Rosa Port
Adlawan Island, near Sta. Rosa Port

Welcome to Olango Paradise

(Top-left) The restaurant – Olango Paradise. (Top-right) Olango Paradise shoreline. (Bottom-left) Swimming pools under construction – Olango Paradise. (Bottom-right) The cottages at Olango Paradise

Olango Paradise

(Left) White sand Olango Paradise. (Right) Adventure Trail going to Bird Sanctuary

Clear sky. White sand beach. Clear water. Olango Paradise

(Left) Spider Conch, locally known as Saang. One of my purpose in going to Olango Island.. (Right) Who wouldn’t like lunch at the beach?



(Left) Mangroves at Bird Sanctuary. (Right) Take a pause and stay for a while.
(Top-left) The only birds I saw. Not sure if you can see them. 😛 (Top-right) The viewing deck – Bird Sanctuary (Bottom-left) Viewing deck – Bird Sanctuary (Bottom-right) Shipwreck
Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Brother and sister.
Brother and sister.
Sta. Rosa Port
Sta. Rosa Port

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  1. KAi says:

    nice one, jebs! i envy you…travelling alone is a very nice experience..will try that too 🙂
    didn’t know that the place is clean and beautiful…

    • hahaha… ahak ui.. mura man og dili scripted milks. :3

  2. Hans says:

    Aus choi,dmd..nindot ang lugar..nindot mga pictures..snails na choi? :3 backpackers unya ta puhon choi 😀

    • hahaha.. d ko sure choi murag saang man gud na. duh… :3 pohon choi, maayong lawas. 😀

  3. kevin says:

    So the kids are still starving ?

    • I really don’t know kevs because i already went home afterwards. k? hahaha… maybe next time, i’ll visit them and ask if they are to answer you’re question. meanwhile, i’ll just put you on hold. #brb 😛

      • kevin says:

        (and i’ve noticed you changed your answer!)

        • hahaha… yeah, I changed because I realized it might be misunderstood. I don’t want to mess with your mother. 😛 *peace out yow* hahaahaha…

      • kevin says:

        I wanted to say thirsty, not starving hehe

  4. robs says:

    Wow!! I envy you choi.. envy ba kanang di na gani makita kay envy..

    • ok na choi. d na kailangan i-explain choi, na-devoulge na nako daun. k? #ayawChoiBi 😀

  5. Turriggeeer says:

    Jebloggers. Pila total gasto? Haha naay ga overlap na name sa mobile jebs hahah

    • hahaha… kapoy fix ana ui, d akoy naghimo sa theme. hahaha… gamay ra gasto ui, 15 ra man plete sa boat pero kung naa kay motor, mga 200 guro back and forth na. then ang kaon nimo, ikaw na bahala. 😀

  6. cgaylebitong says:

    Nice kuleyg!

    • lels… mangayo ko og thank you or mohatag ko og thank you kuleyg? :3

  7. Electrifying kayo imong mga shots homie! Na touch ko sa image sa brother & sister.

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